It's me

Hey! I'm an actor. Sometimes I make my own movies!

I started out on the stage at home in Washington DC, but now that I'm in Los Angeles, hoo boy, you can't get rid of me. I'm in your television, your movies, your comedy shows, your commercials, and on your stages. 

I'm also a proud member of The Collaborative a community of working actors dedicated to platforming each other through excellence and kindness. The Collaborative has produced over a dozen films and works to energize actors to be self-sufficient content creators and storytellers.

I'm fluent in Spanish, internationally ranked in pinball, and I'm serious business about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Whatever your story.

Whoever the character. 

I'm down to play.

2010 - present

Hollyweird | 2020 | 1 Life Productions


International Falls | 2019 | Outskirt Media & Pegalo Pictures


Delivery | 2018 | Barrel Aged Productions


The Girls With The Bangs | 2018 | Three Tales Productions


Bad for the Boats | 2017 | Cohen & Allen 


Senior Cut Day | 2011 | Golden Tiger Productions


The Company You Keep | 2013 | WILL Interactive



American Crime Story | 2021 | 1 Episode | FX


Party of Five | 2020 | 3 Episodes | Freeform


Ghosted | 2018 | 1 Episode | FOX



ctrl alt delete | 2019 | 4 Episodes | small and mighty

Series Regular

Townies | 2017 | 6 Episodes | Adaptive Studios & blackpills

Series Regular

AOK | 2016-2018 | 5 Episodes | Jackal Group

Series Regular

The Roomate | 2014 | 13 Episodes | Hip TV

Series Regular

Stage (partial list)

The H&R Blocky Horror Taxes Show | UCB Franklin | Andrew Fernandez

Rabble (Supporting)

It's a Disaster: Live! | Golden Road | Monica Stufft

Shane (Lead)

The Wheel of Invention | LA Theater Festival | Brandon Beck

Junior (Supporting)

The Pirate Laureate of Port Town | Flying V | Jason Schlafstein

Finn (Lead) Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits | EMP Collective | Elissa Goetschius 

Manningham (Supporting)

The Uses of Enchantment | Source Festival | Amber McGinnis

Froggy (Supporting)

Night Sweats | EMP Collective | Carly J. Bales | Baltimore, MD

Gordon (Lead)

Everything in the Garden | Arena Stage | D. Ohlandt | Washington, DC

Roger (Supporting)

The Car Plays | Taffety Punk Theatre Co. | Sonya Robbins

Nate (Lead)

Mary Stuart | WSC: Avant Bard | Colin Hovde | Washinton, DC

Mortimer (Supporting)

This Is Not A Timebomb | Source Festival | Shirley Serotsky

Dustin (Supporting)

Beyond Therapy | Bay Theater Co. | Richard Pilcher

Andrew (Supporting)

The Perfect Chocolate Milkshake | Capital Fringe | Bryan Joseph Lee

Frank (Lead)

The Violet Hour | Colonial Players | Josh Bristol

Denis McCleary (Lead)

Polaroid Stories | Bruce Davis Theater | Jeremy Skidmore

Narcissus (Supporting)

A Midsummer Nights Dream | Bruce Davis Theater | Michael Ellis-Tolaydo

Puck (Lead)

The Sourdough Philosophy Circus | Bread and Puppet Theater, VT

Circus Member (Ensemble)

The Balcony | Bruce Davis Theater| Joanne Klein & Mark Rhoda

The Judge (Supporting)

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